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His Master’s Review is a reviewing website, with a twist!

Okay. So how many times have you visited a website, and seen the same old reviews?! We at hismastersreview are hell-bent on breaking that monotonous routine.

Now remember the number of times you have watched a movie with a pet, or wanted to watch with a pet. Or have taken a trip with a pet. Add to this the thought that what if the pet could speak, or give his opinion? Now wouldn’t that be fun?!


And this is where our website comes in. We want, and share opinion, which can range from anything to anything, as long as it’s entertaining and has a pinch of sarcasm.

But, there is just one rule: the opinion article/feature has to be in the voice or perspective of an animal. Animals we are convinced have an opinion about everything, and instead of just looking at things from humans’ perspectives, we want to create a website that is fun and innovative for you, our readers.

Oh yes, if you do come across an alien or two [Alien Residents of Area 51 are welcome too!], we would love to have articles from their perspective as well!

If you would like to contribute by submitting your reviews, contact us, or advertise on our webpage, please send all queries to:

Cheers!  Joseph Rana, Editor-in-Chief, His Master’s Review


One thought on “Contact Us/Advertise/Contribute

  1. Proud of you Joseph!

    Posted by Jes | September 27, 2015, 1:10 pm

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