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Monuments Men – DVD Review

When glorious work and an imposing array of not only talented but proven stars are sacrificed at the alter of a dull narrative, films like Monuments Men are born. A frustratingly flat reverence of war time tales, Monuments Men is an action drama that oscillates at will between comedy and serious didacticism. A Unit of … Continue reading

Elysium – Poster and Trailers

Further to our review of Elysium, we thought would share some cool pics from the movie, courtesy Sony Pictures Releasing (Australia). Check it out! ELYSIUM – ‘Undocumented Ships Inbound’ Clip     ELYSIUM Extended Trailer – In Cinemas NOW    

Good Will Hunting – Review

We were disappointed that no animals figured in this movie, because short of our appearance, Good Will Hunting was just perfect. Intellect of a genius, memory that is photographic – mix the two assets with victimization and abuse during the innocent years of childhood and you get a peep – through ‘Good Will Hunting’, into … Continue reading

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