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Pretty Woman – Classics Review

Simply put, ‘Pretty Woman‘ is an endearing tale of a garishly dressed prostitute acquiring dress and mannerism of sophisticated high class woman. From a mere money-grabbing-in-lieu-of-sleazy-sex the professional prostitute comes to be a woman replete with dignity and learns the new meaning of love and sex. She also succeeds in transforming a ruthlessly calculating business … Continue reading

The Breakfast Club – DVD Review

I wanna be a rebel, I wanna be a rebel, I wanna chew my master’s brand new shoe all day! Well, sorry to break the bubble, but real life ain’t like that folks. It’s mean and it’s harsh; trust me, take it from someone who has had enough kicks to last his lifetime. The faster … Continue reading

The King’s Speech – DVD Review

Okay, so there are times and movie where poking fun or mocking are inappropriate. Even for us mongrels. We will thus aptly, cut the bull-shit, and go straight to reviewing The King’s Speech. A moving portrayal of the innermost fears of a sovereign when a speech impairment looms large to impede his address to a … Continue reading

Superman: Man of Steel – Review

Ever wondered how would us cats would fare if we knew how to fly like the Superman [Man of Steel]? I mean the selfish creatures that we are [Garfield is our role model!], we would then just stop from house to house, drink the best milk there is, and scoot off! And as far as … Continue reading

Stand Up Guys: Review

The case of ‘Stand Up Guys’ is simple: Pick a perfunctory plot, bless it with the formidable trio of Walken, Al Pacino and Arkin, and then all one has to do is to sit back and smoke a quiet pipe for the film’s reception will take care of itself! Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Grey – movie lead cast Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson

Paired opposite Charlie Hunnam, is the female lead of Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele, with her recent film credits boosting of Need for Speed, 21 Jump Street, Universal Pictures’ The Five-Year Engagement, and The Social Network. Continue reading

I’m So Excited – Review

This is perhaps one of few rare times where I don’t know how to begin: the upcoming movie I’m So Excited has left me in a dilemma. There used to be a time when us animals were given a bad name, by our own species of-course, when we slept around without ethics or moral, or … Continue reading

Pain and Gain – Review

Now we don’t know, that if with pain and gain, whether those body-building supplements would actually work on animals, but if they did, wouldn’t that be cool! I mean c’mon, imagine a small fish in danger; it takes supplements, and voila, it turns into a shark! Funny, funny, Huh?! Well, we are only focussing on … Continue reading

Two Guns – Synopsis and pics

We know there is time for Two Guns to release here in Australia, but we thought we would give you a little preview to the exciting new “bro-mance comedy action”! The official synopsis released by Sony Pictures Releasing (Australia) is: “Academy Award® winner Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg lead an all-star cast in 2 Guns, … Continue reading

Elysium – Review

Ever wondered how would animals, dogs, cats, tigers, so on, hence-forth, you get the drift, would fare in the distant future. I mean, don’t you reckon it is high-time Hollywood came up with a movie that’s based on animals and is set in future? We watched Elysium, and thought well, if the humans fare like … Continue reading

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 – Preview, Synopsis and New Trailer

This is one movie we are definitely looking forward to. It is a follow-up sequel to a delightful comedy. Official Synopsis by Sony Pictures Releasing (Australia) is now out: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 picks up where Sony Pictures Animation’s hit comedy left off. Inventor Flint Lockwood’s genius is finally being recognised as … Continue reading

‘Sex Boxes: Oh, to be a hooker in Zurich!’

Cathy, my girl-friend from Europe and I recently fell out arguing.  And I lost my opportunity to have an eye candy tagging along with me! Though the good news is that it’s not the first time we have parted. Ours is one of those bewitching off-on routine. The topic of altercation was the news that Swiss city … Continue reading

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