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How not to have a baby! [Part 2]

Now that you have decided not to [based on the article last week], here are a few ways of preventing having kids when practicing making babies. The methods here are for individuals with the potential to have a child through intercourse regardless of orientation, and are aimed at just introducing some ideas. This is not … Continue reading

Pacific Rim – Review

Honestly, we are tired of these movies with big bots and machines, fighting and moving in an unrealistic world. Someone has gotta put a stop to it; if not, at-least include some animal robots. That should be a bit different, if innovativeness is something that the film-makers are looking at these days! And by the … Continue reading

2 Guns – New images and trailer

Since we got a lot of views for our 2 Guns [starring Edward James Olmos, Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg] preview, we thought we would reward our viewers with a few more cool stills from the movie, and a trailer. Enjoy! Related articles Two Guns – Synopsis and pics ( Washington, Wahlberg bring firepower to … Continue reading

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas: Break up or lovers tiff?

Okay folks, so this is the latest in the gossip-mills. If MD [Michael Douglas] spends quality time alone yachting or the gorgeously beautiful CZJ [Catherine Zeta-Jones] holidays with kids without papa tagging along, it doesn’t mean they are separating. All of us need our own spaces, damn it. Media should give the two time away from … Continue reading

Two Guns – Synopsis and pics

We know there is time for Two Guns to release here in Australia, but we thought we would give you a little preview to the exciting new “bro-mance comedy action”! The official synopsis released by Sony Pictures Releasing (Australia) is: “Academy Award® winner Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg lead an all-star cast in 2 Guns, … Continue reading

Elysium – Poster and Trailers

Further to our review of Elysium, we thought would share some cool pics from the movie, courtesy Sony Pictures Releasing (Australia). Check it out! ELYSIUM – ‘Undocumented Ships Inbound’ Clip     ELYSIUM Extended Trailer – In Cinemas NOW    

Elysium – Review

Ever wondered how would animals, dogs, cats, tigers, so on, hence-forth, you get the drift, would fare in the distant future. I mean, don’t you reckon it is high-time Hollywood came up with a movie that’s based on animals and is set in future? We watched Elysium, and thought well, if the humans fare like … Continue reading

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 – Preview, Synopsis and New Trailer

This is one movie we are definitely looking forward to. It is a follow-up sequel to a delightful comedy. Official Synopsis by Sony Pictures Releasing (Australia) is now out: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 picks up where Sony Pictures Animation’s hit comedy left off. Inventor Flint Lockwood’s genius is finally being recognised as … Continue reading

Graffiti at University of Sydney, Australia; we thought it was pretty cool!

Vodafone-Hibicus Festival – Fiji

Fiji, that small little cute country somewhere in the Pacific. Our correspondent dug up this story, and it’s good to know that besides the usual military coups they have, this one is a refreshing change! Hey folks! This is carnival time in Fiji with Suva offering week-long fun and entertainment to one and all. Vodafone-Hibicus … Continue reading

‘Sex Boxes: Oh, to be a hooker in Zurich!’

Cathy, my girl-friend from Europe and I recently fell out arguing.  And I lost my opportunity to have an eye candy tagging along with me! Though the good news is that it’s not the first time we have parted. Ours is one of those bewitching off-on routine. The topic of altercation was the news that Swiss city … Continue reading

Good Will Hunting – Review

We were disappointed that no animals figured in this movie, because short of our appearance, Good Will Hunting was just perfect. Intellect of a genius, memory that is photographic – mix the two assets with victimization and abuse during the innocent years of childhood and you get a peep – through ‘Good Will Hunting’, into … Continue reading

The Cuckoo’s Calling – JK Rowling – Book Review

Shout out to all our Harry Potter and JK Rowling fans. This one is for you. Here is out review of her latest book, The Cuckoo’s Calling. Cuckoo to friends, Lula Landry, a super model beauty and protagonist of ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ by Robert Galbraith, aka J.K.Rowling meets with a fatal fall three months prior … Continue reading

White House Down – Synopsis, poster, and trailer

Ever since Olympus Has Fallen released, we have anticipated the release of White House Down, simply because at first glance, they look similar! Hopefully for our fans, they would be different, and White House Down could well be as entertaining, or even more, than Olympus Has Fallen. Synopsis, Courtesy Sony Pictures Releasing (Australia) In Columbia … Continue reading

How to Not Have a Baby [Hitler] – Part 1

Seeing that my last post was to do with the testicles, I thought it would be beneficial to stay around that area and talk a bit about avoiding having a child. If that is your goal… Continue reading

Ben Affleck, the new Batman!

In the meanwhile, let us just hope that this Batman movie is a bit different from the typical Nolan style; it would be a welcome change to see a batman zip past a Gotham City that is not completely gullible to The Joker. Continue reading

The Famous French Fake-off

Alright! So we all love our French accents, food, wine, and women huh?! Now while the first three may not be faked, the women part, being all that slim and sexy, is well, allegedly fabricated. Read-on… The myth that French women are NATURALLY beautiful, are chic and thin, it no longer holds true. In her … Continue reading

Bo Xilai

The political world is all agog to see the outcome of the trial, of whether it is curtain call for Bo Xilai’s political fortunes especially as the events are pitted against the threat of divisions, of leaks of embarrassing secrets, not to ignore the turbulence within China Continue reading


So, we know that Kick-Ass 2 is releasing today, and this is just a reminder to watch it! To check out our review, head to the link:

Olympus Has Fallen – Review

It has truly been a while since Hollywood has churned out a simple, good old action movie that grips you from the start, and refuses to let go until the end. Olympus has fallen is one such action thriller, that not only reminds you of classics like Die hard, but also makes one wonder why … Continue reading

Ibrahim Boubacar Keita: Man of his word?!

After a confident vote cast in Bamako – Mali’s capital town- Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has on August 15 won the Presidential run off in Mali. The 68 year old President elect is not new to Mali’s political scene. He has served as the nation’s prime minister between 1994 and 2000. It was high time sanity … Continue reading


THE WORLD’S END – EDGAR WRIGHT, A DIRECTOR AT WORK Hey, since the video’s were so popular, we have another one for you, thanks to Universal Pictures… enjoy watching the master story-teller at work!



This is the End or The World’s End … which one did you prefer?

Here are some pics from This Is The End, as food for thought! Images courtesy Sony Pictures Releasing (Australia) The World’s End Pics coming soon!   Related articles One Direction and Sony Pictures Take Fan Engagement to New Level With Opportunity to See “One Direction: This Is Us” Three Days Early (


THE WORLD’S END – PEGG & FROST Courtesy Universal Pictures

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