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Coffee, coffee, we need ya!

I’ve had enough of medical things, so today I’d like to talk about my favourite beverage. That sweet heavenly syrup sent by angels to resonate deftly within the soul of many a man… Here are some quick unqualified thoughts on coffee. Global: It’s a uniting factor. There are very few things on Earth that people … Continue reading

How not to have a baby! [Part 2]

Now that you have decided not to [based on the article last week], here are a few ways of preventing having kids when practicing making babies. The methods here are for individuals with the potential to have a child through intercourse regardless of orientation, and are aimed at just introducing some ideas. This is not … Continue reading

Love beer? No worries …

So, it was a normal Saturday party routine for my master last night, and he came home hammered as usual. Somehow of late, I have been concerned about him. The amount of alcohol he is drinking is not good. And am saying this not just because he gets so drunk that he mistakes me for … Continue reading

Testicular Health – Painful Testicles

As  a medical science student, about to become a doctor at some point in life [phew!], there are various curious aspects of body anatomy that we come across. And to start, well why not, start from the most controversial?! Trueplayer4life: Hey, have you seen two onions, a banana and a white chiffon peignoir go at … Continue reading

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