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Arnold Schwarzenegger is hungrier than ever

“I am as hungry today as I was when I was 20 years old”, says Arnold. And he has displaced Donald Trump! But before you get your engines running, this has nothing to do with the upcoming US Presidential elections. At a press conference held at Docklands in Melbourne on March 18th, Arnold confirmed his … Continue reading

China – News

Hmm, this is intersting: China is alledgely set to re-evaluate their one child policy. So, let us get this straight: for so many years couples alledgely couldn’t get a second kid, and now when the entire world’s population is seemingly at bursting point, China thinks of relaxing its policy. Oh well, let’s see how this turns out… Related … Continue reading

Sports news

As Sachin emotionally put its,  it truly is hard to imagine life without cricket for this master blaster who has played the game since age 11. Announcing through BOCCI, the long speculated decision, the cricket legend thanked everyone including family as he will not be seen in India colours after the West Indies series, currently … Continue reading

Artist Interview – Robyn Stacey

Photographs have the power to create magic. If the inspiration and concept is right, they can charm us and sometimes take us into a world of illusion. But the real mastery comes when this illusion is rooted within reality; when one is so awed by the state of confusion that this ‘real-yet-illusion’ world that is … Continue reading

Kenya – Unfortunate shooting at a Mall

Kenya – Unfortunate shooting at a Mall in Nairobi took place earlier, as per reports, with a gun-fight ensuing between Kenyan policeman and armed gunmen. Related articles Gunmen open fire in Kenya shopping mall ( 39 dead in Kenya mall attack; hostages still held ( Kenya Red Cross: 22 dead in upscale mall attack (

Japan – Earthquake – News

Each time this happens, there is a world scare: Japan’s Fukushima faces an earthquake of 5.3 magnitude. Related articles 5.3-magnitude earthquake hits Fukushima ( 5.3-magnitude earthquake rocks Japan’s Fukushima prefecture ( 5.3 magnitude earthquake near Fukushima nuclear plant (

Bollywood – newsy rumors

Good news for Bollywood‘s Kapoor Khandaan: Bebo to spend time with hubby Saif in London, And the ‘Nawaab’ might  take her to Rome. And Lolo at last over her divorce and – rumour what? – heading for a new relationship. Ranbir, soon to be 31, protective not only of Pop and Mom but of Katrina … Continue reading

Serena Williams – US Open

“Come On!” (Azarenka) shouts Serena Williams, Rocky Balboa style, as she sails into US Open Women’s Title, also winning 17th Grand Slam and becoming oldest women’s champ at 32 by defeating Victoria Azarenka, 24 Related articles Serena Williams overpowers Azarenka in 3rd set to win 5th US Open, 17th major ( Serena Williams Wins Fifth … Continue reading

Sydney George Street

Did we understand this right? Apparently, our own Sydney’s George Street has beaten Surry Hills and Crown Street to become the best culinary display and eating joint! Related articles Why Sydney loves a village (

Oh to be young and alive!

Hey Octogenarians  –  good news! Cognitive scientists – with their findings gracing the cover of magazine ‘Nature’ with beautiful bold caption underneath the mag title, GAME CHANGER , are hoping to usher in a brave new world [in fact brave new world’ is also a title of Aldous Huxley book] in which an 80 year old … Continue reading

Mexico – Cannabis – News

Want to puff, with the ruff, without feeling the pressure of legal rough?! Allegedly, smoking of marijuana and cannabis plants may get legal sanction in Mexico City. Related articles Mexico Considers Creating MARIJUANA SMOKING ‘CLUBS’ ( Campaigners to stage cannabis picnic ( Mexico City considers creating marijuana smoking ‘clubs’… (

New iPhone set to release

Apple’s new iPhone set to release is just round the corner, if reports are to be believed. Related articles Half of existing iPhone owners plan to buy the new iPhone immediately, one survey says ( iPhone 5S Line Already Forming Outside NYC Apple Store ( iPhone 5S Release and iPhone Trade-ins for Cash ( iPhone … Continue reading

Amitabh Bachchan – Rekha

Rakesh Roshan‘s 64th Birthday at last brings two Bollywood biggies [and maybe more if the rumors are to be believed] of yesteryear under same roof: Rekha and Big B [Amitabh Bachchan]. Related articles Big B, Rekha attend Rakesh Roshan’s birthday bash ( Amitabh Bachchan to inaugurate Kolkata film fest (

Miley Cyrus – twerking and new gossip

Miley Cyrus – twerking and new gossip – apparently Miley Cyrus has lashed out on critics who have ridiculed her MTV Video Music Awards performance. Really Miley, you proud of this? Related articles Is Miley Cyrus to blame? Girl catches fire making ‘sexy twerk’ video ( Harry Styles Says ‘Twerking Is Inappropriate’ – Dissing Miley … Continue reading

Australia – Elections

Kevin Rudd vs Tony Abbott: Tons of people have headed for the polling booths today, to vote at the latest Elections in Australia today. Related articles Building a better election map ( Polls open in Australia’s national elections ( VIDEO: Australia gears up for election ( Australia votes: A guide to the election ( Conservative … Continue reading

Aishwarya Rai Bachachan – L’Oreal ads

Age withers, for not all are Cleopatras! Isn’t it sad that Ash fans will not see the Indian Bollywood beauty on L’Oreal ads? But what is Aishwarya Rai Bachachan’s loss is Freda Pinto’s gain! A younger and fresher face in lieu of an older matron is nothing to shed tears on, for all of us … Continue reading

Vodafone-Hibicus Festival – Fiji

Fiji, that small little cute country somewhere in the Pacific. Our correspondent dug up this story, and it’s good to know that besides the usual military coups they have, this one is a refreshing change! Hey folks! This is carnival time in Fiji with Suva offering week-long fun and entertainment to one and all. Vodafone-Hibicus … Continue reading

How to Not Have a Baby [Hitler] – Part 1

Seeing that my last post was to do with the testicles, I thought it would be beneficial to stay around that area and talk a bit about avoiding having a child. If that is your goal… Continue reading

The Famous French Fake-off

Alright! So we all love our French accents, food, wine, and women huh?! Now while the first three may not be faked, the women part, being all that slim and sexy, is well, allegedly fabricated. Read-on… The myth that French women are NATURALLY beautiful, are chic and thin, it no longer holds true. In her … Continue reading

Bo Xilai

The political world is all agog to see the outcome of the trial, of whether it is curtain call for Bo Xilai’s political fortunes especially as the events are pitted against the threat of divisions, of leaks of embarrassing secrets, not to ignore the turbulence within China Continue reading

Ibrahim Boubacar Keita: Man of his word?!

After a confident vote cast in Bamako – Mali’s capital town- Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has on August 15 won the Presidential run off in Mali. The 68 year old President elect is not new to Mali’s political scene. He has served as the nation’s prime minister between 1994 and 2000. It was high time sanity … Continue reading

Welcome to a brave world of fakes and replicas

I am glad I am not living in China; not that there is anything wrong, but simply because being a dog, I fear two things: one, they might eat me! And second, they might create a fake version of me, and I mighty loose my own identity! Did you guys know that China is a … Continue reading

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