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Mt Zion – Review

You know what? At first glance, I thought it read Lion. At-least it seemed to.

It used to be good back in the old days, when they made movies that had lions, even though we weren’t always depicted in the best light. But gotta tell ya, being mentioned or shown on the big-screen is fun. Anyway, even though this movie has nothing to do with me or any other lion for that matter, the similarity of the name got me interested. And gladly so. It is a pretty good cinema product.

There is something real, meaningful and deep about stories that are borne from the desire to make movies about music; it is perhaps the fact that people can feel the music within themselves, and makes them associate with it, binding them to the movie.

Mt Zion Poster Courtesy Sony Pictures Releasing (Australia)

Mt Zion Poster
Courtesy Sony Pictures Releasing (Australia)

Recently released is a must-see movie for all reggae-music lovers. Australian Idol winner Stan Walker stars in his debut role alongside Temuera Morrison (from Once Were Warriors) who plays the role of his father in the movie, Mt Zion.

The movie tells the story of Turei [Stan Walker] and takes us on the journey of his musical dreams.

Sony Pictures Releasing (Australia) describes Mt Zion to be a “family-oriented story” that depicts the lifestyle of Turei’s family, who are hard-working potato farm workers in rural New Zealand. A talented musician, Turei dreams of his band being the support act for Bob Marley’s 1979 tour.

But it’s a dream that challenges the traditions and values of his upbringing and will set him at odds with his family – particularly his father, a true man of the land.

The interesting part about the movie is that it draws inspiration from the writer/director Tearepa Kahi’s own family background, and features “original music in a uniquely New Zealand Māori take on Marley’s reggae”.

The soulful music running through the trailer instantly envelopes one into the story, making the beats come alive.

On the flip-side, the movie somehow reminds one of The Sapphires; but with its refreshing music and heart-warming story, Mt Zion is sure to sour to new heights at the box-office.

Following its successful opening run at the New Zealand box office, Mt Zion released in Australian cinemas on Thursday, March 14, and recently on DVD as well.

Take a musical break this weekend and watch the movie. If nothing else, you will come out
humming a tune and whistling a contented note.

Rating 3 claws

by Joseph R



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