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How a voice changes everything

So my master’s friend is a geek; well, not by soul, but my profession. He is an IT guy, the person you call at a help-line when you can’t figure out to turn the switch on, and are fuming with agitation that the computer you bought isn’t working.  And he has buck-loads to share.

 License     AttributionShare  License     AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by HowardLake

AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by HowardLake

The business of tech support is all about helping out to fix out problems in the computer world. The call centre world basically is the primary vehicle for this service to clients. To the common eye,  people have a stereotype that the tech world is composed of people who know everything about computers, gadgets and gizmos, they are basically labelled  “geeks”. [Which is true by the way!, just don’t tell my master’s friend!]

But they are wrong [insists my master’s friend] because most employees are common housewives, divorced mothers who don’t even know anything about computers and  ironically these people are the best in satisfying [no pun intended!] customers.

As a wise parent always says to their children, “son, don’t be fooled by appearances”, but people still do. No matter how mad the customer is on the other end venting about their IT problems they always get flattened by a sexy, caring voice. This is the irony of this business.

“I told you I will soften him out, the usual punch line of middle aged divorced women” who have nothing to do in IT but has all the best talent in the world in other areas.

Windows 7, Apple’s Mac, virtual private networks, accessing shared drives, all those technical mumbo jumbo dies out because of the voice.

Moral of the story: You may or may know anything about IT, but as long as you have a sexy voice, you can get a job, anywhere, and I mean, anywhere.

Switching off, logging off, until next time.

By Jake Aguilar, The IT Expert


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