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Welcome to a brave world of fakes and replicas

I am glad I am not living in China; not that there is anything wrong, but simply because being a dog, I fear two things: one, they might eat me! And second, they might create a fake version of me, and I mighty loose my own identity!

 License Isleworth 'Mona Lisa' - an earlier work of da Vinci or a fake    Attribution Some rights reserved by Cea.

Isleworth ‘Mona Lisa’ – an earlier work of da Vinci or a fake Attribution Some rights reserved by Cea.

Did you guys know that China is a replica heaven, a host to superbly crafted and painted masterpieces? No longer you need to fly from one country to another to have a look at the superb marvels: London’s Tower Bridge, Manhattan, I-phones and I-pads, The Mona Lisa all are here, of-course in their duplicates or multi-plicates [if that’s even a word, and if it’s not a word, then we can consider it one considering the topic of fakes here!]

Just a walk through Shenzhen’s Daten village will take you to studios replete with the untiring effort of China’s young artists. Just chose your pick!

It is a country to get rich-in, without much effort. Only passport to riches is the familiarity with the right people.

Grab a political bigwig, flaunt your connection in style and you wake up next morning wallowing in riches. But beware, don’t tag along a young mistress for that was the undoing recently of Li Guangnian, a man in fifties who had in tow a mere nineteen year old mistress, that was generations apart!

Li lived in style, best versions of Audi and Mercedes to travel in, an office in the nerve centre of China’s capital town, with walls decked with eye catching snapshots of him amidst the who’s who of political and govt bigwigs. All the vesture of superiority and authority daunting in the extreme. No wonder he could easily demand bribe for promising a work he rarely accomplished.

Growth of such persons in the fertile soil of China is not a mirage but a reality, which in comparison to India looks more holy and I see no justification in Transparency International rating India low on list of honest countries for if people take bribe there, at least they do the work. Three cheers to India!


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