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Superman: Man of Steel – Review

Ever wondered how would us cats would fare if we knew how to fly like the Superman [Man of Steel]?

I mean the selfish creatures that we are [Garfield is our role model!], we would then just stop from house to house, drink the best milk there is, and scoot off!

And as far as saving the world goes, we don’t care; we are cats, we got nine lives, we don’t give a damn!

Get in gear for sheer violence and surfeit of musings in the newer and fresher avatar of Superman and his antics in ‘Man of Steel’.

Man of Steel Horizontal Billboard Image License  Some rights reserved by sitsgirls

Man of Steel Horizontal Billboard Image
Some rights reserved by sitsgirls

A war rages between two worlds, our very own terra firma with its extra-terrestrial hero and the remnants of the fictional planet Krypton when they invade the earth.

Krypton Planet, with its adversely affected core is near extinction and annihilation, its resources having suffered ravage misuse and raids over the years.

Jor-El and wife Lara ship their new born son named Kal-el to earth post cell infusion with genetic Codex of their Krypton race.

Landing in US State of Kankas, Kal-El is adopted by Jonathan [Kevin Costner] and Martha [Diane Lane] Kent, who name him Clark. Touching teen-age Clark is briefed by Jonathan about his alien origins, counselling him to be chary in using his superpowers.

Man Of Steel - Colour Editby ~Grimeministar

Man Of Steel – Colour Editby ~Grimeministar

As ‘Man of Steel ‘progresses, audience remain captivated but get a queer-y feel watching Clark communicate with the preserved conscience of his late father Jor-El and to learn through his father’s holographic message his origins, the extinction of his race and his allotted mission that of bringing hope and succour to the human race.

It is of course thrilling to watch Clark as fired with the contents of the message and backed by the moral guidance received from adoptive parents he comes to don the Superman mantle.

Absence of humour perhaps can be dispensed with in a movie hell bent to wow the viewer with the effects of crumbling skyscrapers, grime coated disaster survivors but a handsome and muscular superman bereft of the notion of romance is a bit of a tease.

Even in those off-chance flirtations between him and Lois Lane [Amy Adams] the viewer encounters a real hard as nail protagonist, truly a man of steel!

No wonder the chemistry between Clark and Lois remains still born.

To cap it all, the depleting resources of Krypton Planet serve as scary reminder to the well meaning and oft repeated advice of scientists to stop pillage of natural resources, to abate excessive pollution and massive deforestation to enable future generations to enjoy their heritage

Rating: 3 Stars

By Joseph Rana, Editor-in-chief, His Master’s Review


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