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RED 2 – Movie Review

The only thing we can ask for from Red 2, or if hopefully a sequel to it comes out, that they incorporate  amean looking old-aged bull-dog, with a few hard-ass tricks up his sleeve! That would spice up the franchise beyond just laughter and joy.

Ah yes! Bruce Willis is back with Red 2. And contrary to the all the media reports about Willis being lacklustre, and seemingly not-interested in the movie, he rocks!

Red 2 does justice as the sequel to the hit movie Red, as an action-comedy that has us in splits for most of the time. Its humour is a bit wry and dry, and probably not for everyone though.

Domesticity doesn’t seem to be everybody’s cup of tea.

It certainly is not Frank’s (Bruce Willis) as girl friend Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) is like an exposed live wire, jumping for action.

Actor Bruce Willis on the Red panel at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con in San Diego, California. LicenseSome rights reserved by Gage Skidmore

Actor Bruce Willis on the Red panel at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con in San Diego, California.
LicenseSome rights reserved by Gage Skidmore

And the weary Frank must humour sweet Sarah for she is not only his girl friend, but is full of wit, and a storehouse of humour.

Retired: Extremely Dangerous (hence RED) spies with Frank in the lead are back in RED 2.

Relentlessly pursued for earlier conducting Secret Operation ‘Nightshades’ so as to smuggle into Moscow a Nuke, has led them being branded dangerous and terrorists.

Hiring contract killers to eliminate them appear to be the only answer.

And the vengeful tracking of them sends Frank and Marvin [John Malkovich] along with Sarah globe trotting and liven up the action sequences during their trans-continental hopping.

Though not liking the sudden appearance of Frank’s ex, the sexy Katya [Catherine Zeta-Jones] Sarah accompanies the group to London.

Here they meet Dr Edward Bailey [Anthony Hopkins], the great science-genius who had been in lock up for over three decades, courtesy the Intelligence Agencies. And the nutty scientist lends his gracious charm to make RED 2 a really enjoyable sequel.

In fact Anthony Hopkins seems to mouth the word go, and the movie runs to the uninterrupted delight of the viewer so obsessed with seeing annihilation.

The unleashing of the sex bomb Catherine Zeta-Jones is a masterstroke as she looks scintillating in this cinematic extravaganza; and not only her, but Helen Mirren is at her action acting best too.

But the best sequences stem from the relationship between Bruce Willis and John Malkovich. This is what acting master-pieces are about!

The interesting twists and turns in the sequel to 2010’s RED and the fantastic new faces in the cast are more than admirable.

The only negative element that mars this enjoyable flick is the predictability of surviving ability of the main cast, the shattered glass, the bullets, the crashes they are for just ordinary mortals!

Rating: 4 paws

By Joseph Rana, Editor-in-Chief, His Master’s Review



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