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Coffee, coffee, we need ya!

I’ve had enough of medical things, so today I’d like to talk about my favourite beverage. That sweet heavenly syrup sent by angels to resonate deftly within the soul of many a man…

Here are some quick unqualified thoughts on coffee.

Global: It’s a uniting factor.

There are very few things on Earth that people agree on. BMW or Mercedes? Messi or Ronaldo? Denzel Washington or Brad Pitt? Times New Roman or Calibri? But there is one thing that the majority of people agree on. It’s coffee.

It could be wildly extrapolated that in fact, nations were born out of coffee; furthermore, that peace was made over cups of coffee. Or may be not, but it’s a possibilty!

Coffee beans at the new "Whole Foods" store, Kahala Mall, Honolulu, Hawaii.. LicenseSome rights reserved by puuikibeach

Coffee beans at the new “Whole Foods” store, Kahala Mall, Honolulu, Hawaii..
LicenseSome rights reserved by puuikibeach

Locally: We need coffee to mobilize society.

Coffee helps societies function. The nuance of having coffee has pervaded society to the extent that almost any venture can be attempted with the help of coffee – such is the strength of the unspoken symbol of peace and friendship.

You need to ask a girl out? Get a coffee together.

Business meeting? How about over a coffee.

An invitation to make love? Want to come in grab some “coffee”?

Awkward situation? Say you need a coffee.

Need uni students to do anything? Coffee!

You get the picture.

Your community needs coffee. Therefore, that coffee barista with the dirty hands… He is a beverage priest, a grassroots guardian of society. Be kind to him.

Individually: You can stand next to Adonis [Hmm…].

Tests, assignments, transcripts, presentations, speeches, surgery, operating vehicles. These silly mortal endeavours become nothing. For four hours you are a demigod. Your concentration level will increase. You will do things faster and you will stay awake.

You might develop an addiction though. On the bright side, with that addiction come good grades.

Don’t take my word for it. Grab a long black. No sugar. Smell the odour of exploited nations, taste the bitter honey, drink up.

By Harvey Dandy, Contributor


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