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R.I.P.D – Rest In Piece Department Review

If you are too grouchy, too smug or a toddling kid, sit back home and don’t view the movie which is better than viewing it and saying: ‘Oh Jesus! What a stupid mess!’ For R.I.P.D. is in a class apart, fit only for the young at heart, the likes of P.G. Wodehouse, the self acknowledged Brit of “arrested mental development”!

RIPD_Key_Art Image Courtesy Universal Pictures (Australia)

Image Courtesy Universal Pictures (Australia)

Two detectives from Boston Police department Nick Walker [Ryan Reynolds] and Bobby Hayes [Kevin Bacon], while carrying out a drug bust, steal a gold chest. After stacking away his share of the loot, Nick, the mildly corrupt cop suffers remorse pangs.

This impels Hayes to kill him lest Nick spills the beans. Nick ascends to heaven but through a tunnel in between he is sucked away and finds himself in the office of a robotic commander Mildred Proctor [Mary Louise-Parker], a flirty though strict chief of the elysian police force.

Image Courtesy Universal Pictures (Australia)

Image Courtesy Universal Pictures (Australia)

Serving in ‘un-dead’ overtime, Nick teams up with Roy Pulsipher [Jeff bridges] and is tasked to capture ‘Deados’, the spirits that didn’t cross over, as also protect the living humans who are tortured by troubled monstrous souls disguised as humans.

Hollywood’s obsession with Doomsday and aftermath doesn’t seem to get over.

But it is hilarious to watch a sexy girl with oodles of charm and a short statured Asian guy together as they chase a rotund Deado that unhesitatingly runs up the sides of vehicles and buildings.

No less funny is Roy with  eyes twitching northwards, cheeks east-and-west-ward, jaw visiting south, not to ignore the cowboy hat and the “perfect fit” dentures.

Comparisons with “Men In Black” were inevitable. But R.I.P.D not only manages to surpass the expectations, it blows those comparisons right in the air, just like the cool guns blow the “deadies” or ‘deados’ in the movie.

Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges Image Courtesy Universal Pictures (Australia)

Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges Image Courtesy Universal Pictures (Australia)

It’s fresh, brilliant, and visually spectacular, with Jeff Bridges‘ cowboy act stealing the show.

C’mon, how often do we get to witness hilariously spectacular antics of a cowboy and a young bloke that kick ass transformed as polarised opposites of a hot chick and an old Asian guy?!

Rating 3.5 stars

By Joseph Rana


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