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11.6 – Review

An absorbing crime story that show cases a well planned and nicely executed heist, not by the usual anti social elements but by the very forces that stand surety and security, 11.6 is worth 102 minutes of captivating reel time.
And by Golly if you are too naïve to have ever visited a casino or watched a big-time gambler take home the loot, the scintillating performance by Francois Cluzet, the film’s antihero will make you gasp with awe, admiration and anticipation.
Courtesy Ned & Co, and French Film Festival

Courtesy Ned & Co, and French Film Festival

Based on real-life story of Toni Musulin the French Security van driver who after a decade long service masterminded the heist of the century whisking away no less than 4 dozen bags and boxes stuffed with crisp currency, 11.6 depicts the life-cum-adventure of this this man, a loner by choice, with pent up frustration which one day brims over.
Cluzet as Toni wows the audience the way he quenches the thirst for revenge.
However by letting Clutet surrender to the police in the very opening shot, the Director saves the audience from the nail-biting-act, allaying their sense of suspense.
And as the story waltz backwards it is intriguing to watch the taciturn antihero en-cash on the loopholes that litter the system.
But if the suspense subsides the audience is jolted by other aspects: why after escape he doesn’t enjoy the loot? Pangs of conscience? Realization that revenge-motif is a wash out? Or the ditching of buddy Arnaud [Bouli Lannas] and long-time girl friend Marion [Corinne Masiero] gnaw as the soul awakens? And is the Police in league after all as a large chunk of loot hidden in the rented garage gets wings?
Courtesy Ned & Co, and French Film Festival

Courtesy Ned & Co, and French Film Festival

11.6 goes to establish that the age is dawning of taciturn hero who must make events engrossing single handed. And why not? Besides no one likes the grim reality which is part of the work-a-day world now – the the daily rut and grind pitted against man’s primaeval desire to be FREE.
A big hurray to the marvelously structured story line that leaves loose ends in the hope of a sequel – the prison release looming round the corner!
Rating 3.5 stars
By Joseph R


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