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Le Week-End – Review

Courtesy Transmission Films

Courtesy Transmission Films

A sentimental journey across the English Channel to re-discover love and happiness buried deep in the labyrinths of time and mismatch tempers Le Week-End is a toast not only to the regrets and rewards of the thing called matrimony, but also to that ever elusive romantic bubble that gets sadly crushed by heartless and cruel indifference of one partner and the abject meekness of the other.

Courtesy Transmission Films

Courtesy Transmission Films

Whoever said that the grass is greener across the fence must have been a bright spark!

Nick [Jim Broadbent] and Mag [Lindsay Duncan] take a trip to Paris in the evening of their life to Paris.

They hope Paris may re-ignite that spark which engulfed them thirty years ago while honey mooning in Paris.

Sentimental Nick decides to check in the hotel where the couple spent honeymoon but the hyper sensitive and overbearing Mag must settle for a classy hotel and splurge cash like nobody’s business.

Courtesy Transmission Films

Courtesy Transmission Films

The couple have as much pain and pleasure, harmony and disharmony, with Nick resembling a wrecked dust bin while Mag full of vitality and allure.

Both are in the throes of their own individual hell. Nick’s innermost soul comes tantalizingly alive at dinner hosted by Nick’s chance encounter with his old college chum, Morgan[Jeff Goldblum], a writer epitomizing that aura of success, fame and affluence which eluded Nick.

Courtesy Transmission Films

Courtesy Transmission Films

In this, the older audience in empathy with the aging couple realize the possibility of hope for the couple.

The film is not only eminently watchable by people in the older age bracket but also showcases superb performance by Nick and Mag, as also for the sense of wonder and artistry of the city of love captured by the camera.

Courtesy Transmission Films

Courtesy Transmission Films

Hilarity and sophistication have a ball amidst emotions withered and weathered like dry autumnal leaves.

Le Week-End is a must watch.

Rating: 3 stars

By Joseph R


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