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Noah – Movie review

A work of art that subsists on departure from details embodied in Scriptures, NOAH offers Darren Aronofsky’s personal take on the ascetic Noah, the Ark Noah builds, the great Deluge and the After.

Being a 21st century production, Noah has secularism-induced-novelties-dipped-in-environmental-concerns.

The film lacerates the Scripture’s one of the most-often-read tales and imparts it imagined modern tints like The Watchers, the Rock Monsters, the dramatization of characters, the intriguing photography and computer-generated imagery.

Noah centers round the life of the wise man Noah [Russell Crowe], his three sons – Ham [Logan Lerman], Shem [Douglas Booth] and Japhet [Leo Mc Hugh Carroll], wife Naameh [Jennifer Cornwell], and Shem’s love interest Ila [Emma Watson].

 License     AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer  Russell Crowe

AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
Russell Crowe

Noah has a dream, which with the help of his grandfather Methuselah [Antony Hopkins] he grasps as the message containing warning of the great Apocalypse by the Creator, and Noah’s outlined duty to prepare to save those around him.

Since the deluge is about to come, Noah is under orders to collect all animal species in pairs and put them in the Ark, it is another matter though that the animals board not in pairs, but snort, stampede and crawl in disquieting mass.

A movie, however controversial in treating a sensitive subject with religious overtones, may allow its piety to get drowned in the stormy waves but cannot be a flop with such a select cast and with a director like Darren who knows his job, selects a location like Iceland and showcases super cinematography.

Noah is worth the time and money spent in watching it.

That apart the riveting performance from Crowe makes Noah a visual stunner. On the whole, the Biblical narrative cast in ‘Darren’ mould makes it an unforgettable technical spectacle.

Rating: 3.0 stars


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