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When Harry Met Sally … DVD Review

Can a boy and a girl be just friends? Well, from what I have learnt, being a part of the animal kingdom that is, our males and females cannot. We pretty much go for anyone, at anytime! But with you humans, it is a bit different. And the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally… proves it.

LicenseSome rights reserved by friskytuna

LicenseSome rights reserved by friskytuna

A quintessence expose of the girl-boy friendship that evolves by fits and starts, then transcends the “mere friend” notion to finally culminate in marital bondage, ‘When Harry met Sally…’ typifies, in the person of Sally a successful, no-nonsense woman, highly independent and romanticised. As a woman, pulsating with the typical feminine feelings of passion and emotion, she ultimately comes to realize that a man who is not your brother cannot always feel like one! Harry Burns [Billy Crystal] and Sally Albright [Meg Ryan] meet when Sally gives Harry a ride to New York after they finish school at the University of Chicago. Sally is to begin journalism studies there while Harry, already dating Sally’s friend Almanda [Michelle Nicastro]. The long drive gives them a quiet cosiness and they freely exchange views on the eternal question of man-woman relationship. Sally vehemently opposes Harry’s view that sex always enters in such relationships. Later while dining together Harry angers Sally by calling her attractive propelling Sally to take a divergent path. Five years later, thrown together by a quirk of fate on the same flight, Sally tells Harry she is dating the latter’s friend Joe, while Harry confesses to be engaged to Helen, a girl other than the one he was dating 5 years ago. They part yet again, still on unfriendly terms, only to bump into each other at a book store, yet again after 5 yrs. Over coffee they come to know that the relationships mentioned by them during their flight 5 years ago did not stand the test of time. Lucky for Harry! But a change seems to have come over Sally and the two decide to become friends. Now they spend time together, phone each other oftener and dine together. Sally’s friendship though still borders on the plane of platonic love. One night Harry has to suddenly rush to the place of a teary Sally and the process of comforting her ends in the two making love for the first time. The new situation once again freezes their relationship but this time only for a short while. A heated argument at a common friend’s Wedding later, the frigidity of the relationship begins to thaw and the two are finally shown bonding together. A sweet little film that raises the question whether men and women can be merely friends and answers it in the negative, ‘When Harry met Sally…’ is a lingeringly beautiful toast to the civilized society’s idea of the state of marriage. It also helps bring out in the open the weakness inherent in human nature as also the desire for physical proximity amongst the opposite sexes. Full of comic situations and replete with amusing dialogues, the innocent sweetness of ‘When Harry met Sally…‘ remains lingering long after the audience has viewed it. Rating 4 paws By Joseph R


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