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Love beer? No worries …

beer  License  Some rights reserved by Greencolander

Some rights reserved by Greencolander

So, it was a normal Saturday party routine for my master last night, and he came home hammered as usual. Somehow of late, I have been concerned about him. The amount of alcohol he is drinking is not good. And am saying this not just because he gets so drunk that he mistakes me for his partner [who is extremely hairy for a human  by the way!] and I find it hard to save my dignity [if you know what I mean], but also because that amount of alcohol can’t do him any good. But now, I hear, that people can drink as much as they want, and still survive!

Australia, home to some of the finest and most sumptuous beer, has devised an ingenious way to beat the hangover!

Now one can down any number of beer mugs and yet show no trace of a nightmarish headache or the woolly feel.

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall License  Some rights reserved by jurvetson

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
Some rights reserved by jurvetson

Hangover is fuelled by dehydration or lack of water; and the beer, now loaded with electrolytes – the minerals that bind to create sodium – will say a cheery bye to dehydration.

Kudos to the Aussie research team!! In fact electrolytes are the key ingredients in sport drinks so that the sportsmen remain hydrated even as they sweat.

There is one flip side though; this addition will diminish the alcohol content! So what? Increase the intake guys!!

PS Drink at your own cost people! We take no responsibility for any effects or actions!

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