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The Famous French Fake-off

Alright! So we all love our French accents, food, wine, and women huh?! Now while the first three may not be faked, the women part, being all that slim and sexy, is well, allegedly fabricated. Read-on…

The myth that French women are NATURALLY beautiful, are chic and thin, it no longer holds true.

 License French Pastry, Eddie Barclay and his Orchestra    Attribution Some rights reserved by kevin dooley

French Pastry, Eddie Barclay and his Orchestra Attribution Some rights reserved by kevin dooley

In her big French fake-off the writer Frey exhorts the Aussie women to stand up to their more pretentious French counterfeits and hog the well deserved limelight for overtime becoming more chic.

Frey based her argument on reasoned logic: more than 50% of the French females being cigarette addict, they smoke their way to like chimneys, sapping their appetite in the process. And not all of them are wont to sport expensive lingerie either.

Their hair tint owes not so much to mother nature as to the untiring effort of their secret hairdressers.

Their food too is microwaved or from Mc Donald’s making them overweight. Habitual use of anti-aging cosmetics is built in their life-styles.

And for this reason for Marianne national emblem – who do you think inspired the Marianne on nation’s stamp this year? – a Ukraine activist!

But honestly, who cares if they are fat, thin, blue, purple; as long as they are chick and hot, that’s all we care about, right? Or does having a goo heart and soul count too?!

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