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Pain and Gain – Review

Now we don’t know, that if with pain and gain, whether those body-building supplements would actually work on animals, but if they did, wouldn’t that be cool! I mean c’mon, imagine a small fish in danger; it takes supplements, and voila, it turns into a shark! Funny, funny, Huh?!

Mark Wahlberg on the set of "Pain and Gain" License     Attribution Some rights reserved by Hollywood_PR

Mark Wahlberg on the set of “Pain and Gain
Attribution Some rights reserved by Hollywood_PR

Well, we are only focussing on supplements here, because the movie we are reviewing, Pain and Gain, tells the story of body-builders, with Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg having buffed up way beyond sanity!

Unfortunately, that bulking up doesn’t help the movie.

Pain and Gain is a sad commentary on the mad obsession of the fanciful world of today, not only with having too much money too quickly but also with steroids, drugs, cocaine for a high, and as well as to flaunt bulging biceps.

In a nut-shell, Pain and Gain is a gory tale, replete with cheap violence.

The anti-hero Daniel Lugo [Mark Wahlberg] is an ex-convict just come out of prison. His body-built is recommendation enough for Sun Gym owner John Mese [Rob Corddry] who hires Daniel to increase Gym’s member intake.

Surreal to the core, Daniel takes help of Adrian Doorbal [Anthony Mackie] and Christian Paul Doyle [Dwayne Johnson] and forms a gang.

The Sun Gang is now infused with common interest of gaining quick and, what they consider, easy money.

The extortion-kidnap plans are launched with a bang and together the trio script a gory obituary of the grand American Dream. Hope and faith are put on the back burner soon enough.

It seems the gang is all body and no mind. Their extortion and kidnap bid on Gym member Victor Kershaw [Tony Shaloub] as well as a little later on Frank Gina and wife is miserably imperfect in its execution though they do access Kershaw’s money and ‘mis’ use it to the hilt, giving a damn for the consequences.

The later bid, when they gate crash into the world of business, in case of making a short work of Gina and wife, [especially causing the latter’ death by a horse tranquilizer administered twice!, followed by dismemberment of body parts and the cleverly managed finger-tip eraser over a barbeque grill is all so macabre and melodramatic that it repulses in the extreme.

A little over two hours of violence makes Pain and Gain all pain and no gain and a big ‘No’  for kids.

Ultimately the film neither elevates nor entertains in spite of some attempt of humor sprinkled by Tony Shaloub and Rebel Wilson.

Rating: 1.5 Stars

By Joseph Rana, Editor-in-Chief, His Master’s Review


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