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Wresting Queen Review – French Film Festival

An ode to the sport of wrestling, Wrestling Queen is all the way an engrossing laugh riot brimming over with that emotional connect which endears it to one and all.

WRESTLING QUEENS_Picture 10 Courtesy Ned & Co. and French Film Fetsival

Courtesy Ned & Co. and French Film Fetsival

Eager to forge ties with Michael, the 11 year old child she conceived as a teenager and put in foster care, 30 year old mother Rose [Marilou Berry] “wrestles” to conquer the boy.

Since the boy’s number one passion is to watch the game of wrestling, Rose, in typical woman-power-surfacing way forms a team comprising fellow check out clerks and soon we have Wrestling Queen, wrestling its way into the hearts of the viewers!

Courtesy Ned & Co. and French Film Festival

Courtesy Ned & Co. and French Film Festival

The film is replete with techniques involved in the sport of wrestling, the jobs the wrestlers of the team hold and the kind of lives they lead, all woven into the colorful fabric of this hilarious movie by way of conversation the main cast shares.

The conversations are not confined to the members of team but transcend the group and move to include their boss and their colleagues as well as wrestlers not in the group.

For sport lovers, especially wrestling lovers, the film is fun-filled palette entertaining and enlivening. The choreography of wrestling sequences is beyond compare. And as the versatile actors perform the happy audience will clap joyfully.

French Cinema is sure raising its bar.

Rating: 3 stars


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