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Last Vegas – Review

When Oscar winning actors, much past their prime, come together to pose as old buddies out for a last hurrah in the City of Sin before Life’s curtain call, you expect the result to either be a smashing success or a deplorable attempt. For a comedy, it could either be a surge in belly laughs or an occasional guffaw.

Last Vegas however, somehow manages to bypass the norms, and while it is not the best comedy of the year, it nonetheless in addition to a few laughs manages to retain a constant smirk and a smile on the viewers face, simply because matured audiences who still have a bone of adventure still left in them will enjoy the movie.

Last Vegas cast. Image Courtesy Universal Pictures (Australia)

Last Vegas cast. Image Courtesy Universal Pictures (Australia)

And yes of course, it cannot be denied that the seasoned actors do their best to sustain an average script, their very magnetism turning dust into gold.

And since they enjoy themselves to the hilt, the audiences somehow manage to get their money’s worth as well.

Though by the time the movie ends, the audience has a vague feeling of emptiness, of having been cheated and deprived of real grandiose fun that the first half promises.

The trouble is this: the laughs are there, the brilliant actors are there, and the script is there too: unfortunately, it has all been seen a far too many times before. Remember the Hangover anyone?

The plot of Last Vegas is thus: ‘Flatbush Four’, Billy [Michael Douglas], Paddy [Robert De Niro], Archie [Morgan Freeman] and Sam [Kevin Klein] are a sparkling gang of four pre-teen boys in Brooklyn of 1950’s.

Nearly six decades later when they turn tottering old men, they are propelled by the confirmed-bachelor-of-Flatbush-Four Bill’s decision to tie the knot with Lisa [Bre Blair], his 30+ girlfriend.

The group decides to have the time of their life by one last fling in Vegas—act not their senile age, but have real fun watching the bevy of young girls—with each being eager to outstrip the other in beauty, nudity and oomph, down dozens of martinis together while ogling at female anatomy!

Enters into the scene Diana [Mary Steenburgen], an erstwhile lawyer now trying to be a lounge singer, and both Billy and Paddy fall for her, even though Billy is engaged and Pady is mourning the death of his wife!

But the film does succeed to communicate one thing: friendship may endures trials, tribulations, and distance, but true friendships last a lifetime.`

If nothing else, watch it for the antics of Morgan freeman; he steals the show.

Rating: 3 stars

By Joseph R


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