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A Pact – Review

A suspense flick that hints at road-rolling over the delicate wires of relationships, A Pact is an unnerving 85 minutes of reel time set in erstwhile East Germany of the early 1080s.

The story revolves round three teenagers, Paul [Felix Kruttke] who is in love with the beautiful Anna [Singer Irslinger] and Anna’s boy friend Georg [Aaron Koszuta].

a-pact_marie-bauemer_sylvester-groth_cmatteo-cocco-busse-halberschmidt.jpg Courtesy Ned & Co.

Courtesy Ned & Co.

The clever Paul forges a love letter purportedly written by Anna to himself expressing her love.

Paul shows this letter to Georg and the two friends make a secret pact—unknown to Anna—that Paul can have Anna, but, and here comes the rider, that Georg can have Anna back whenever he so desires!

Zoom ahead to the present after a gap of two decades.

During the twenty years that rolled by between the secret pact and the present, Paul [Mark Waschke] and Anna [Marie Baumer] got married and have two kids. The two are happy together and busy with their work though Paul does suffer occasional qualms about what might happen if…

As if in an answer to Paul’s nightmare, Georg [Sylvester Groth] does surface in the form of Paul’s new boss at the Bank. He suddenly appears and claims Anna as per the ridiculous act.

 a-pact_6_sylvester-groth_sophie-rois_cmatteo-cocco-busse-halberschmidt.jpg Courtesy Ned & Co.

Courtesy Ned & Co.

Wicked and kind at the same time, Georg still has company of the punk girl he was shown going away with as a teenager, but the nail-biting audience is unaware of Georg’s intentions of claiming Anna’s reversal to him as per the pact.

And poor Anna she is blissfully unaware both of the cheating her husband made and the unethical pact!

High octane of suspense keeps the audience glued to the seat as they watch the fate of Anna’s cosy family, the immensely well acted film does lose some of its quiet appeal by the many turns and twists introduced towards the close, though not at the expense of suspense.

On the whole A Pact is watchable for being nearly an hour-and-half’s thrilling suspense.

Rating: 3 stars

By Joseph R


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