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The Girl with Nine Wigs – Review

A touching tale of guts, determination and youthful courage to scorn a life-limiting disease and lead life—however ephemeral—to realize dreams once dreamt, hopes and aspirations once cherished. The Girl with Nine Wigs is an emotionally charged ‘dramedy’ that takes the viewer one minute to the dizzying heights of happy emotions and next minute sliding down into an abyss of despair.

Courtesy Ned & Co.

Courtesy Ned & Co.

The topic of the dreaded disease cancer has never had such exquisitely soft and tender handling.

Brimming with youthful dreams, enthusiasm, passion 21 year old Sophie is diagnosed with cancer on the threshold of her studies.

Numb with sudden shock and battling with the bold lettered ‘Oh God, why me?’ thought, Sophie decides she will not let the crippling disease sour her zest for life.

Surrounded by concerned friends and family, she finds Chemotherapy make short work of her beautiful and lustrous hair and for a time her smile vanishes.

As slowly the clock of life begins to tick away, she is jolted to realize her dreams, her
passion during the few months she might live. As her head is shaved off, an array of beautiful wigs seem to wink at her, lending her a steely courage to move about in different facets of her persona, ranging from ‘cute’ to ‘sensual’ and ‘enigmatic’.

Courtesy Ned & Co.

Courtesy Ned & Co.

She goes the whole hog partying with friends, falling in love with a boy.

Gritty, beautifully captivating Sophie dances and flirts and has sex. Her friends and family may worry about her, but the 9 wigs help her hide her ailment from the uncaring outside world that notices only her youthful bubbly self.

The Girl with Nine Wigs is a must watch not only for its brave message of hope and cheer even when life is ebbing away, but also for the infinitely sensitive handling of a dreaded disease and the riveting performance of its central lead.

Rating: 4.5 stars

By Joseph R


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