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GOLD – Review – Audi Festival of German Films

A simple tale of Klondike gold rush, set in an exotic location, Gold revolves round a bunch of German immigrants hell-bent to dissipate the misery of life by finding that bright yellow metal which has been both the bane and boon of similar perilous searches.

Courtesy Ned & Co. Gold_(c)Schramm Film, Patrick Orth_1

Courtesy Ned & Co.
Gold_(c)Schramm Film, Patrick Orth_1

This story of gold rush is replete with repetitive themes barring casting of German characters and a plucky girl in the lead.

An assorted group—led by Peter Kurth with Marco Mandic, the handsome young loner and a sure attraction for the gutsy Emily [Nina Hoss] who has escaped a bad marriage, Lars Rudolph, the banjo player, Uwe Bon, the confident journalist, the elderly couple with physical liabilities looming large anytime, and the over-strained horses that must collapse—takes the viewers through the breathless interiors of Canada.

Unaware of the travails of the awesome expedition and chary of the motives of the group leader, they all meander through the hostile and virgin wilderness.

Courtesy Ned & Co. Gold_(c)Schramm Film, Patrick Orth_4

Courtesy Ned & Co.
Gold_(c)Schramm Film, Patrick Orth_4

The audience watches silently the many near-predicable situations as the explorers labour through the dangerous maneuvers while a loose ended subplot gets in built into the main story with hit men targeting the prospectors for no apparent reason.

Beyond that it is just another treasure-hunt story with little originality in design, but still Gold is watchable for the superb performance by Nina Hoss and the remarkably beautiful photography of the desert vistas.

Rating: 2.5 stars

The Audi Festival of German Films is playing at Chauvel Cinema in Sydney from 26March to 10April.

Don’t miss it!


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