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Aussie Rules the World

See the trouble with a story on celluloid about sports is that unless everyone globally loves that sport, the project’s success becomes limited. Ironically, Aussie Rules the World is a movie that is made to change the world’s opinion and awareness about Australian Football League (AFL).

As a result, this movie/documentary by writer/director Michael Stringer McIntyre Aussie Rules the finds refuge in a grey area, trying to via for the attention of both local Aussie sports fans and international audiences.

As a film-making project, it does work, and as the motive behind the story, it does wonders.

Aussie Rules the World is an Australian sports documentary film and brings to the big screen AFL, the Aussie favorite and uniquely Australian game that is on the brink of finding global sports fame; and about time it did!

Narrated by David Wenham, the film includes several interviews with various AFL icons, and through their voice acts as a message to the world that AFL is here to stay.

The movie primarily focusses on the effort by retired Sydney Swans premiership player Brett Kirk and his family, as they travel around the world spreading more knowledge about AFL.

The Kirks’ attempt on converting sports fans from around the globe is inspirational to watch and Michael Stringer McIntyre’s direction is impressive, though the film comes off more as a marketing or advertising stunt than a message.

Adding depth to this family’s attempts are the myriad of interviews including Paul Roos, Kevin Sheedy, Andrew Demetriou, Bachar Houli and Adam Goodes.

One this is for sure; audiences who didn’t know much about AFL, will sure do now.

Overall, it’s a praise-worthy attempt and deserves its place amongst the better written, produced and executed Aussie sports documentaries.

Rating: 3.5 stars


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