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Alliance Française French Film Festival 2014 – Bright Days Ahead – Movie Review

Okay. So, who here feels that Life can’t begin after 60? Huh?! Well folks, the French through their cinema are adamant on proving that it can! And Bright Days Ahead goes on to prove just that.

A touching old-age-sex-overdose drama that captures the vicissitude of the vivacious icon of French cinema Fanny Ardant as she uncorks her withered beauty, Bright Days Ahead, lends man’s sunset years a special glow, making them yeas appear as priceless as vintage and classic French wine.

Courtesy: Ned & Co. and Transmission Films

Courtesy: Ned & Co. and Transmission Films

Caroline [Fanny Ardant], a sixty plus Dentist, finally decides to say quits to her job due to her own personal reasons and grief, and spend the evening of her life looking after herself, her children and partner.

But soon she finds she has little use for them and time begins to hang heavy.

Disenchanted with her newfound freedom of time she gets the opportunity to take a peek at the neighborhood club, but her spirits continue to chaff.

When her husband faces some problem with his computer she joins the Club’s computer class only to take lessons in responding to flirtations of the computer instructor Julian [Laurent Lafitte].

bright-days-ahead-fanny-ardant Courtesy: Ned & Co. and Transmission Films

Courtesy: Ned & Co. and Transmission Films

Their sinful romantic rendezvous at various places, while gradually making Caroline gradually sort of ‘alive and glowing’ ignites the ire of the husband!

The film makes a departure from the sometime interesting and often times banal sexual flings younger men have for women old enough to be their mothers finding themselves attracted by the aura of wealthy sophistication such women may exhibit.

But Caroline doesn’t typify that, instead she catches the womanizer Julian’s attention by her awesome beauty and super intelligence.

The erotic sex escapades may jar the sensitive sentimentalists but the film tends to be engaging for the oldies, those sixty plus something who thanks to medical miracles lead healthy lives, and may sometimes ache for a fling on the sly!

Courtesy: Ned & Co. and Transmission Films

Courtesy: Ned & Co. and Transmission Films

Sometimes touching, and often flirtatiously funny, Bright Days Ahead is a cinematic ode to the ageless love and lust battle.

Rating: 3.5 stars

By Joseph R, Editor


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