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In its quintessence, 20 Feet From Stardom being the expose of the glamour world’s deceptions, twists and exploitations, it nevertheless is nothing short of being a joyous depiction—by way of interesting stories, anecdotes, archival footage and live interviews of celebrities and back-up singers—of triumph, of heartache, and of ambition gone awry. The official synopsis by … Continue reading

The Heat – Review

When two differently skilled cops – with attitude problems peculiar to each – are forced by circumstances to work together, the outcome expected could be anything but hilarious. Yet ‘The Heat‘, a riotously funny, buddy cop action comedy belies this assumption -TOTALLY. Sara Ashburn [Sandra bullock], an upright but highly ambitious FBI Agent, with known … Continue reading

GI Joe: Retaliation – Movie Review

If as a child of four or thereabouts you loved playing with GIJoe toys, emitting crazy sounds of glee while mentally enacting scenes of defeat of Cobra after the yells, the “dishm-dishm”, the “whoom-whoom”, the smash-squash, then this movie is for you. As a kid I did enact such sounds playing with my set of … Continue reading

Captain Phillips – Review

A pulsating, nerve shattering biographical action thriller that starts with a proverbial whimper-like-lameness and ends with a resounding bang, ‘Captain Phillips‘ imprints on the viewer’s mind and heart feelings bordering on awe, admiration, and distaste at the harrowing disparity among humans on different planes though habitating the same mother earth. The film is remarkable for … Continue reading

Cupcakes Review – The 2013 Jewish International Film Festival

A take on love, life, togetherness, Cupcakes is an exhilaration fueled charming romp, that at the same time scans seriously the topic of gay sex, a topic hitherto locked in the closet. The short film also toasts with a sensitive nonchalance the current fad of living life, not to pander to societal whims or prudish … Continue reading

Italian Film Festival 2013 – Cosimo and Nicole movie review

In drama genre, Cosimo and Nicole is an engaging spectacle kindling the flame of pure passionate love in the heart of two young people, Cosimo & Nicole. Genoa G8 protests bring Cosimo [Riccardo Scamarcio] and the beautiful Nicole [Clara Ponsot]  face to face and the ever watchful Cupid darts the unfailing arrow. They fall for each … Continue reading

Renoir – Review

How right was the British poet Keats when he penned those famous words: “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever”. The viewer watching the biopic ‘Renoir’ will readily agree as this sun-fun-frolic-sound laced film lazily traces the story of Andree Heuschling [Christa Theret] and her turning into the mesmerizing Muse not only for the … Continue reading

Lavazza Italian Film Festival – The Human Cargo Review

The Human Cargo: Here’s the next movie in our reviewing journey of the Lavazza Italian Film Festival 2013. A film that adroitly captures through the lens a leaf out of history concerning part socio-political and part economic upheavals that rocked Albania during 1991, The Human Cargo sophisticatedly enough unveils that period human drama for current generation. … Continue reading

Lavazza Italian Film Festival 2013 – Preview and ‘The Interval’ review

There is something mesmerizing about the Italian culture: exotic locations, stunning landscapes, breath-taking beauties, fine cuisine, masterly art, and enchanting cinema. Now while Italy is a land far away from here, the Lavazza Italian Film Festival 2013, presented by Palace Cinemas, is set to bring to life the Italian culture through 27 movies that seem … Continue reading

About Time – Movie Review / Preview

It took a while for it to dawn on me, what to write, that is. Is wasn’t so much as what to write, but more of from where to begin. And then my brain cajoled me, after staring half an hour at a black screen with the cursor ticking, telling me its about time [pun … Continue reading

The World’s End – Review

A movie that brings director Wright with actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost together needs of necessity to be good. Who cares if the world ends with a bang or whimper or over beer cans?! Five people of 40+ years unite to complete a pub crawl, the ‘Golden Mile’ initially undertaken by them over two decades … Continue reading

R.I.P.D – Rest In Piece Department Review

If you are too grouchy, too smug or a toddling kid, sit back home and don’t view the movie which is better than viewing it and saying: ‘Oh Jesus! What a stupid mess!’ For R.I.P.D. is in a class apart, fit only for the young at heart, the likes of P.G. Wodehouse, the self acknowledged Brit of “arrested … Continue reading

RED 2 – Movie Review

The only thing we can ask for from Red 2, or if hopefully a sequel to it comes out, that they incorporate  amean looking old-aged bull-dog, with a few hard-ass tricks up his sleeve! That would spice up the franchise beyond just laughter and joy. Ah yes! Bruce Willis is back with Red 2. And … Continue reading

One Direction: This Is Us – Awesome Pics

One Direction: This Is Us by Tristar Pictures. Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson star in a Morgan Spurlock [Super Size Me fame] movie about the journey that made these five boys from UK a global sensation and phenomenon. Here are some cool pics of the gang, courtesy Sony Pictures … Continue reading

Blue Jasmine – Movie Review

Hi[!] to Blue Jasmine as its enchanting protagonist is forever unprepared to say bye[!] to luxuriating in stately mansions, yachts, and the company of wealthy friends – at somebody’s else’s expense of course, for on her own she has no qualifications except beauty and style! The story of Blue Jasmine is very ordinary, and pretty … Continue reading

The Great Gatsby – Movie Review

As tedious as the F Scott Fitzgerald novel on which the film is purported to be based, ‘The Great Gatsby’ finds its audience chiefly because of the fascinating presence of Di Caprio histrionics as also due to the portrayal of charmingly pleasing and authentic visuals of an opulent era gone by. In the post World … Continue reading

White House Down – Review

These days, the over-use of special effects and hard-to-keep-up story-lines has rendered the task of watching an action movie to be dull chore.

But then comes along this breath of fresh air in the form of White House Down, and it brings back a faint hope that there may still be time for action movies to redeem themselves. Continue reading

Superman: Man of Steel – Review

Ever wondered how would us cats would fare if we knew how to fly like the Superman [Man of Steel]? I mean the selfish creatures that we are [Garfield is our role model!], we would then just stop from house to house, drink the best milk there is, and scoot off! And as far as … Continue reading

Stand Up Guys: Review

The case of ‘Stand Up Guys’ is simple: Pick a perfunctory plot, bless it with the formidable trio of Walken, Al Pacino and Arkin, and then all one has to do is to sit back and smoke a quiet pipe for the film’s reception will take care of itself! Continue reading

I’m So Excited – Review

This is perhaps one of few rare times where I don’t know how to begin: the upcoming movie I’m So Excited has left me in a dilemma. There used to be a time when us animals were given a bad name, by our own species of-course, when we slept around without ethics or moral, or … Continue reading

Iron Man 3 – Review

Implanting a super hero with excess of vanity or panic induced anxiety doesn’t appear a saleable idea, though Iron Man 3 sails through in spite of it, thriving on public’s liking for things or humans extraordinary. Continue reading

Pain and Gain – Review

Now we don’t know, that if with pain and gain, whether those body-building supplements would actually work on animals, but if they did, wouldn’t that be cool! I mean c’mon, imagine a small fish in danger; it takes supplements, and voila, it turns into a shark! Funny, funny, Huh?! Well, we are only focussing on … Continue reading

The Best Offer – Review

We have been so excited Kick-Ass 2, that we almost forgot that another brilliant movie is releasing this today: The Best Offer. As per the studio, the official synopsis for the movie is: Acclaimed director Giuseppe Tornatore (Cinema Paradiso) reunites with renowned composer Ennio Morricone for THE BEST OFFER, a dramatic mystery set in the … Continue reading

We’re The Millers – Review

Poutter and Roberts do deliver good performance but minus them and the near 10 minutes of laughter, the movie with its laboured attempt to drag on, falls to the ground dead and flat. Continue reading

Pacific Rim – Review

Honestly, we are tired of these movies with big bots and machines, fighting and moving in an unrealistic world. Someone has gotta put a stop to it; if not, at-least include some animal robots. That should be a bit different, if innovativeness is something that the film-makers are looking at these days! And by the … Continue reading

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